Countdown to Parade Day:

2012 Art Car Parade Lineup

1 Amber Eagle "Our Lady of Transportation"
1 Paul Kittelson "Commemorative Birthday Cake for 25th Annual Parade"
2 Jackie Harris "The Fruitmoble"
3 Steve Braithwaite "The Big Banana Car"
5 Art Car Museum "Cigs Kill" by Alex Harrah
6 Art Car Museum "Faith" by David Best
7 Big Al Bartell "Versatile"
8 Noah Edmundson "Death Trap"
10 Toni Silva "La T"
12 Janette Arsement "Utterly Beautiful Texas Car"
13 The Night Train Band of Texas, U.S.A. "The Rabbits Who Caused All the Trouble" by Michael Bounds
14 Will Hill "Oscar the Friendly Dragon" by Julian Luna
15 Russell Ault "Dyeing Two Ride Again!"
16 Sandra Bello "CouchSurfing suitcase"
17 Sarita Ackerman "Pokey-Dot Fine Art Cart"
18 Megan Freemantle "Brunnehilda's Encore"
19 Jonathan Blair "A Little Bit More Nonsense"
20 Randy Blair "Little Bit of Nonsense"
21 Robert Wink "Fried Chicken"
22 Kelly Blakley "Jeannie Bottle Artcar & Jeannie Skaters"
23 Brandi Hammond "Fusion of Contradiction"
24 Joseph Blanchard "Taco Truck"
25 Bonnie Blue "The Women Rock Artcar"
26 Jake Goldstein "Von Tiki"
27 Workshop Houston "Chopper Shop"
28 David Baird "Vampmobile"
29 Richard Simcik's "The Crapper Car"
31 Todd Bowers "The Bee Car"
32 Todd Bowers "Lucha Mobile"
33 Bill Bryant "Things Go Round and Round"
34 Buffalo Bayou Partnership "Invasive Plant Eradication Unit" by Trudi Smith
36 Mary-Jane Buschlen "Trash Island and the Planktonites"
37 Jay Carnes "Dancing Queen"
38 Jay Carnes "1954 Firetruck"
39 Rebecca Bass "Sofacycle"
41 Bob Castaneda "Radio Fiyer Wagon"
42 Megan Casillas "Out of this World Bike Gang"
43 Richard Carter "Sashimi Tabernacle Choir"
44 Brian Cavanaugh "Delta Surfzilla"
45 Mark Johnson "The Deathmocart"
46 Patrick Stuart Stanley "New Tools For Old School"
47 Rene Cervantes "Father and Daughter"
48 Allen Christian "Elmer Ford, The Themeless Art Car"
49 Chris Chumley "War Wagon"
50 Rebecca Lowe "Map of Space and Time"
51 Raya Miller "Harvey P. Car"
52 James Ciosek "Frankenova"
53 James Ciosek "Space City Art Bikes"
54 John Clack "Pugs against Romney"
55 Free Press Houston's "Free Press Summer Fest"
56 Rebecca Bass and Waltrip High School's "Atomic Dog"
57 Kevin Collins "Hoot Bus"
58 Sheila Villarreal "The Boss"
59 Marcos Villarreal "Sweeter Then Pan Dulce"
61 Johnny Herrera "Mi Vida"
62 Frank Hernandez "Destiny"
63 Ken Crimmins "SWAT Bus"
64 Terry Brooks "Illuminaughty"
65 Ben Gibson "The Beach"
66 Tisha Browning "Fly-Pa-Cat the Metamorphosis of a Butterfly"
67 Kenny Browning "The Roachster"
68 Kenny Browning "Iron Maiden and Party Boat"
69 John and Kim Ritter's "Peace Expedition"
70 Kim Ritter "The Wild Mustang"
71 Deborah Elliott "Peculiar Thoughts"
72 Deb and Bill Elliott "mutantV"
73 Deborah and Bill Elliott "Karmageddon"
74 Pepper Mouser "The Motorized Living Room"
77 John Avanzini "The Gold Digger"
78 San Antonio NORML "Weed Mobile"
79 Houston NORML "Truth Enforcement Vehicle"
80 Dallas/Fort Worth NORML "420 Truth Car"
81 Dallas/Fort Worth NORML "420 Truth Car"
82 Tracey Bautista "AmeriCAR"
83 Isaac Cohen "Heroes"
85 Don Cook "Big Oil Pursuing the American Consumer [or Star Jaws]"
86 Esteban Martinez "Skully"
87 Esteban Martinez "Skeebies"
88 Jeff Cordes "Ton Truck Troubadours"
89 Annabell Pena "Lowrider Bike of Latin Image Lowrider Club of Houston"
90 James Gomez "Lowrider Bike of Latin Image Lowrider Club"
91 Juan Hernandez "62 impala Lowrider"
92 Jose Tristan "Lowrider truck of Latin Image Lowrider Club Of Houston"
95 Julie Birsinger "Oojah"
96 Nancy Dillow "Ba-Ba-Loon II"
97 Dennis Dillow "xkcd car"
98 L Carpenter "The Lazy Man's Ladder"
99 L Carpenter "The Stars And Stripes Forever"
100 Greg Marshall "Rice Centenni-Owl Art Car"
100.5 Samuel Jackson "JDMB"
101 Michael Healey "Yes Prep East End Street Art Car"
102 Debbie Guelzow "24 Hours of Color"
103 Garden Oaks Elementary School "Students Of Garden Oaks Elementary School - HISD"
104 Crockett Elementary PTO "Changing the Face of Waste"
105 Patrick Renner "The Music Monster"
106 Catheryn Ramirez "Faces of Milby High School"
107 Jeff Morris "Jeffrey's Oceanatic Extravaganza"
108 Jennifer Prejean "Unity in Community"
109 George Sacaris "Pool Party"
110 Adina Reeves "Puzzling Generations"
111 Brenda Tomasello "Donkey pong"
112 Patrick Waters "The Monarch School Voyager"
113 Ashley Brownlie "My Teacher is an Alien"
114 Drew Bettge "Manvel High Art Bikes"
115 Buffy DuPont "Dalmatian Dog Wash"
116 Buffy DuPont "The Texas Tornado"
117 Catherine Hanslik "The Spirit Is Here"
118 Miranda Herbert "Creating Tomorrow Today!"
119 Jonna Hitchcock "Poe Art Car Art Car"
120 Davis High School and Rebecca Bass "Earth, Wind and Fire....(and water)"
121 Keith Roy "School House Rock"
122 Sharpstown High School "Spirit of Sharpstown"
123 Larry Carpenter "Rocky Horror Picture Show"
126 Mark Bradford "Mr Green"
127 Mark Bradford "Eele"
128 Monsour Taghdisi "Amblin" by Mark Bradford
129 Houston Chronicle "Star Car" by Mark Bradford
130 Larry Douglas "Utter Nonsense"
131 Roshanda Chenier "You Are What You Eat!"
132 Orange Show "Sunflower Car"
133 David Duthu "Psychedelic Surfer Dude Revisited" by Robynn Sanders
134 Robynn Sanders "Colorific Killer"
135 Kristie Odom "El Muerto Echo"
136 Karen Olds "Bubbles LaRue"
137 Scott Erickson "Clean Water ArtCar"
138 Lynda Farley "The Liberty Van"
140 Matthew Froehlich "The Alamobile"
141 Mary Anne Fried "Homage to Texas Music Legends"
142 Mark and Sherri Garrett "Percy Peacock"
143 Rick Nelius "Buffy"
144 Paula Hansen "Red Hat Special"
145 Dale Gerber "Rita, the jetski that swims on land"
146 Shannon Hobbs "Deep Eddy Vodka"
147 Tom Edwards "Wannabe (a butterfly)"
148 Alan Leach "The HandyMan"
149 Gregory Fleeman "Big Noise From Biloxi"
149 Holly Klemm "The Blue Hawaiian"
151 Sarah Gish "Hubba Hubba Art Car"
152 Harry Goldberg "PoP aRt CaRt"
153 Jay Goldberg "Dragon art car"
154 Lois Goodman "Carmos"
155 Lorenzo Chuca "ChucDeVille"
156 John Higginbotham "Member Of One N Onlyz Lowrider Car,Truck and Bike Club"
157 Jesus Jimenez "Azteca Gold"
158 Claire Goosey "Serve Up a Cure's Check Your Boobies"
159 John McKay "The Woody"
160 Suarez Family "The BatWing"
161 Robert Graham "Knerph Herder"
162 Chris Greene "Butterflies are free, this car wasn't"
163 Amy Lynch Kolflat "Z-Bra Mobile says Everything is better with Bacon, even the ArtCar parade!"
164 Joel Seymour "Zebra Bike"
164 Jon Andersen "Zebra Jeep"
164 Janet Snider "Zebra Trike"
165 Jody Gibson "Zena (Grandma's Zebra Car)"
166 Nicole Strine "Shattered Vanity"
167 David Gregory "The Cowboy Dave Show"
168 John Gurney "Hippie John's Dream Machine"
169 Joe Haden "Tired and Feathered"
175 David Haim "Buick Reflectra"
176 Dave Hampen "Milton the Bull"
177 Perri Harper "Sentrasaurus"
178 Alex Harrah "Home Grown Terror"
179 Paul Galindo "Driving + Texting = Wrexting"
180 Tom Maguire "The Christmas Car"
181 Jason Makepeace "Vehicular Reticulation Asphyxiation... You know, The Squid-like Car-Thingy"
182 Ted Mangum "Radio Flyer Wagon"
183 Eve Maulsby "Sock Monkey Mobile"
184 Paul McRae "Dragonfire"
185 Shane McWilliams "All on a Mardi Gras Day"
187 Beverly Hayes "SHEP the German Shepherd Dog"
188 Larry Medina "Skater Sag Wagon"
189 Mary Jane Hedtke "Regina the hippo Car"
190 PJ Whitehouse "Heights Plant Farm Tulip Car"
191 Hare Krishna Chanters
192 Charlie Walton "Ruckus-a-Muckus"
193 Gay Barlow "Scaley Scooter"
194 Mark Mehaffey "Ambulance Chaser"
195 Mark Monroe "Brickmobile- AKA- The Third Pig"
196 Becky Morris "Opti CAR Lusion"
197 Mike Hicks "Tex-Ass Hauler"
198 Doug Hodges "Bug of Many Colors"
199 Denise Crescini "Houston Roller Derby"
200 Marcia Jenkins "Amigos Locos del Dia de los Muertos"
201 Jay and Gwendolyn Johnson "CARpe Diem"
202 Clarke Bedford "Vanadu"
203 Jill Johnson "Like it? or Not? featuring Glue Factory"
204 Mike Murray "1964 Rat rod truck"
206 Clara Navarro "The Time Machine"
207 Erika Nelson "SCOUT"
208 Jared Nicholson "Dizzy"
209 Kelly Patton "Hell on Wheels"
211 The Leal Family Low Riders
212 The Leal Family Low Riders
213 The Leal Family Low Riders
214 The Leal Family Low Riders
215 The Leal Family Low Riders
216 The Leal Family Low Riders
217 Sam Jones "Snappy the Snail"
218 Houston Athletic Rugby Club (HARC)
219 Apache CNG Tahoe
220 Fuddruckers- Building a Burger World
221 Alicia Kahn "Beer Can"
222 Paulette Perlman "de ART Cafe, bringing a taste of art to you"

223 Sage Pivirotto "Star Wars Car"
224 Mike Powell "TX Blues Brothers Tribute Bluesmobile"
225 Anne Powers "Metro Kitty"
226 Barb Garvin "Teal Mobile"
227 Allan Nava "KTRU car"
228 Cary Preston "Chief Fleetwood"
229 Trinity Williams "Project Row Houses"
230 Dion Laurent "EarthRover 1 and EarthMan 2"
231 David Pruitt "Spectra"
232 Charlie Larson "Retro RocketBike"
233 Last Concert Cafe and Dawn Fudge "Last Concert Cafe's Journey To The Other Side Featuring the Hightailers and The Tribal Lillies"
234 Alyssa Dole "Growing Healthy Kids from Seed-to-Plate"
235 Haloise Redding "Have You Seen My Jeans?"
236 Stephen Redding "HVAC as Art "
237 Allen Roberson "Driving to Democracy (or D2D)"
238 Don Robertson "Carpe Noctem"
239 Dennis McNett
240 Jim Robertson "Pandamonium"
242 Rex Rosenberg "ChewBaru"
245 The Flowerman
246 Brock Wagner "Saint Arnold Brewing Company Bentley"
247 Stephanie Saint Sanchez "Q-Fest's Mommie D"
248 Sehba Sarwar "Revolution"
250 Sheri LaRue "The Paisley Pet"
251 Mike Scranton "1-ton chopper"
252 Becky Seabrook "Random Tandem"
253 Jaki Lee "Stop Animal Cruelty/Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe"
254 Hank Mattice "Scooter"
255 Andrew Levy "Fighting Fish Tank"
256 Claire Loe "The Peace Mobile"
257 Claire Loe "The Peace Portraits Prius"
258 William Logan "ReclinerCar"
259 Bill Ludlam "Have A Ball"
260 Sue Shefman "Cheerio - the Hippo Car"
261 Steven Washburn "Shock Top Mobile"
262 Emily Sloan "Liquor-Removing Hatchetation Transporation"
263 Solar Smith "Carmouflage"
264 Steve Smith "Tandem Madness"
265 Ronald Stein "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"
266 Jimmy Straehla "The Bottlecap Truck 2.0"
267 Don Seributra "Montrose Patriot"
268 Shelley Buschur "Planet Karmann"
269 Kirk Suddreath "Jesus Christ Monkey Car"
270 Robert Summerbell "Melvin The World's Only Wacky Wheeler"
271 Tamara Tardy "BuddhaLotusBaby"
272 Bryan Taylor "The Santa Car"
273 Ford Warriors in Pink
275 Nikki Thornton "Shoppin' cart"
276 Cisco Kolkmeier "Hildegarde"
280 Tad Alt "The ORANGE"
281 Heather Howard "Lucky Duck the Duct Tape Car"
282 Brian Thomas "B and B DoubleHeader"
283 John Tyska "The Car With Ping Pong Balls On IT"
284 Robert Vandervoort "The Green Meanie"
285 Susan Venus "CATAILLIC"
286 Hui Yong Wang "Face painting"
287 Douglas Wardrup "Chalkboard Truck"
288 Charles Washington "Jazz, an American Phenomenon"
289 Charles Washington "Blues on Dowling"
290 Lilli Lemberger "Mr. Banana's Big Ballooza"
291 Sepp Lemberger "Manly Unikorn"
292 Yolle and Kati Lemberger "Yakwerks"
293 Joy Whitt "Real Housewives of Pasadena"
294 Thomas Massey "Whole Foods Grocery Bag Van"
295 Larry White "The Tom Kennedy Space Bus"
296 Wayne Wilden "Funky Tut Runs the Chicago Marathon ... NAKED !!!"
298 Robin Lewis "KPFT"
299 Susan Wingfield "Dreams and Things"
300 Susan Wingfield "Elmer"
301 Lisa Winningham "The Irie Mobile"
302 Bill Workman "SOCK MONKEY MADNESS"
303 Lisa Nigro "Draka"