Art Car Parade for Schools and Non-Profits

Teachers, get your class involved - make an art car!

There are lots of reasons why your class would consider making an art car.

  • They participate in community events (parades) and traditions, and thereby become part of that community. By participating in these community events they also develop a greater sense of pride in themselves, their schools and their immediate community.
  • Their concept of the world expands beyond the bounds of their immediate community.
  • They learn to concentrate and pay attention to details.
  • They learn to have pride in their accomplishments as a group and as individuals.
  • They learn to set long term goals and then achieve the satisfaction of reaching those goals.
  • They master problem solving skills and develop discipline.
  • They discover the value of teamwork.
  • They develop a greater understanding of conflict resolution and compromise.
  • They learn to appreciate the freedom of expression a project of this nature provides.
  • And most importantly, they gain a greater sense of self.

As an educator, you know that when a child develops these skills, they can rule the world, have fewer discipline problems, take pride in themselves and their work and become better students.

If you are interested in subscribing to the Art Car Educators group, please send an email.

For more information about how to start building art cars at your school, contact Jewelz Cody at or call 713-926-6368.