Countdown to Parade Day:

CARpe Diem


Jay & Gwendolyn Johnson

About the Entry:

My husband and I had wanted to turn a hearse into an art car for a long time.   We realized it at a conversation over dinner one night when we were still dating.   We began to draw up plans that evening and have been imagining it ever since. Finding the right hearse, however, has taken a while. Luck shined on us one day when we happened to find a '69 Cadillac hearse for sale on the side of the road.   We just felt we had to buy it.   It was already an art car of sorts, decked out to the nines with the logo of the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team.   In a previous life, our car was a tailgater's dream car.   In the words of its previous owner, it was a car to carry away the bodies of the opposing players after they were slaughtered.  It almost felt a little wrong to strip the car of its identity and begin anew.   But we did it.   It's still a work in progress. For now, it's a blue '69 Cadillac Hearse covered in ephemera.   Our car is a celebration of life. The ephemera is tokens of friends and fun, birthdays and babies, love and loss. It's a reminder to live in and take joy in the present and not to worry so much about what the future holds.   One can try to foresee the future, but death is really the only thing that is certain. We bought the car 3 months after our baby, Gabriel, was born.   Since he was born, we've been trying to live the message of our not take any moment for not worry so much, but to just enjoy every moment we have in this beautiful world. Creating this car is been therapy for at least one life-long worrier.   CARpe Diem is a celebration of the NOW!   4C life!