Countdown to Parade Day:

Delta Surfzilla


Brian Cavanaugh

About the Entry:

Delta Surfzilla is a 2006 Volvo V-70 station wagon(black) w/the addition of a sculptural addition that bolts onto the roof rack. This sculptural appendage or car hat is made from salvaged materials.A wind surf board that has been segmented along a curved central spine made from reclaimed yard umbrella. it is mounted to the brackets from a wheel barrow undercarriage. and is slighly longer than the entire car. It has two modified ceiling fans mounted perpendicular to the surf board straddling on either side that spin driven by wind. Additional ceiling fan blades are mounted like reptillian dorsal fins along central spine. It also has two vertical smoke stacks resembling those on a river boat made from reconfigured ductwork. Construction also includes lots of exposed hardware, some solar lights and reused political yard sign material. The color scheme is white,black, red and silver/gold accents. The entire contraption is engineered onto a sturdy unistrut framework that bolts onto the standard luggage roof rack.The rest of the car is unaffected at his time. It was a participant in the Glo-Car after cruise this past Dec. 31 event. It is a daily driver vehicle and work in progress that might include some wind activated additions.