2014 Art Car Entry Form



In order to complete these forms you will need to have an image no larger than 10MB ready to submit/upload and a method of payment available. Please keep in mind that the photo and description will be used on our website, for the announcer's script, and program so you want it to be a great representation!

The basic entry fee is $35.00.

If you are a corporation or non-profit organization, please complete the form and pay the basic entry fee. You will be contacted by our office with additional fee information or you can contact Jonathan Beitler at jonathan@orangeshow.org

If you are having trouble submitting this page, you are most likely missing data in a required field (which appears in bold text).

Click here to view the Indemnification Form and the Additional Rider Indemnification.

The deadline for submitting your entry form is 5pm, March 20, 2014.

Packet Pickup is April 10, 5-8pm at Cottonwood in Houston.

About You (Must be completed by all participants)

About Your Entry (must be completed by all participants)

Logistical Info About Your Entry

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Out-Of-Towners : The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art cannot provide financial support for accommodations but we will TRY to find you a place to stay in the home of a volunteer host. The more difficult you make it, the less likely we are able to help with housing. We are less able to accommodate children or an entourage and even less able to accommodate animals other than seeing eye dogs. Once we receive the completed form below, we will contact you with your host's name and number. At that time we request that you contact them directly and make arrangements to meet, directions, etc. Complete this section only if you need accommodations with a volunteer host.

Out of Rangers:

Note: Participants traveling more than 300 miles each way may be eligible for a travel stipend. The amount will be determined by the distance that the car is coming to the show and the funds available. Stipends are limited and will not be available to all applicants. If you qualify, The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art will notify you of the amount to be reimbursed by Friday, April 18, 2013 either by email or telephone. Checks will not be issued until the Awards Ceremony, Sunday, May 11, 2014.

Release, Waiver & Indemnification