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James Ciosek

About the Entry:

James Ciosek's (pronounced cho-zik) muscle/art car "Frankenova" manifests itself as a jacked-up science fiction horror-mobile on the themes of Frankenstein. Built on top of a resurrected and hot-rodded 1978 Chevy Nova, the car body appears to be sewn together with hand forged sheet metal "scars" and stainless steel "stitches." Horsepower- adding exhaust cut-outs shaped like the monster's neck bolts stick out behind the front wheels and roar. A 400,000 volt top sparker homemade Marx Generator, and two sizzling electric arc Jacob's ladders act as innovative night time special effects. Frankenova seeks to promote a new genre in the movement that its creator refers to as "art rod." Frankenova- it's alive, it's alive!