Countdown to Parade Day:

Fusion of Contradiction


Brandi Hammond, aka "ArtGal"

About the Entry:

This is the 10th year of Fusion of Contradiction to be in the Houston Art Car Parade. Through the years, the arits has written and painted her thoughts about politics and world views on her car, using it as a political platform for her feelings about the injustices in the world. Every year each flower on the top of the car is replaced and glued by hand which takes about a week of constant work. She also changes some of the paintings as she herself changes. Last year, she chose to support cell phones for soldiers by painting their web site over the flag on her car. She has always dedicated her car to the troops who have served the USA. This year she has added messages against drunk driving. She is dedicating her art car to the lives affected by drunk drivers, including Tom Jones and his family. Her most important message: How many times does it take to kill someone while drinking and driving... once. And as always, her car is dedicated to her mom, the original ArtGal.