Countdown to Parade Day:

Hubba Hubba Art Car


Sarah Gish

About the Entry:

HUBBA HUBBA is Houston artist Sarah Gish's second art car.  She's a daily driver and it's adorned with 7 bright orange hubcaps on a bright turquoise body that is covered in 1,961 hand-painted bottle caps and a significant number since that is the year her dear deceased brother was born.  The car was imagined and created by Sarah with the assistance of over 30 friends for the 2011 Houston Art Car Parade.  Sarah is a conceptual artist whose work always incorporates found objects.  She began using hubcaps in 2009 so having them on her car is simply an extension of that exploration and she sees them as modern day mandalas (ìMod Mandalasî) that ignite a connection to the divine. Her fascination with circles led her to use bottle caps on the car - which became mini-canvasses as her friends painted each one during special gatherings of women.  Mermaids will be added to the car for the 2012 parade, signifying GIRL POWER and the feminine connection to spirituality, creativity, color, and FUN!  The car is driven on a daily basis all over Houston and leaves a ripple of smiles in its wake...Sarah Gish is a lover of life and a cultural champion who has been a marketer and educator for various companies since 1985, including Blaffer Art Museum, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and most recently, Landmark's Greenway and River Oaks movie theatres, where she helped found the Houston Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (now QFest). She left that job in 2000 when her younger son Matthew was born to start a business where she could spend more time with him and her other son, Alexander.  This decision led to the birth of her third child!