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Terry Brooks

About the Entry:

Illuminaughty is a 28í long 1988 Lincoln Continental Town Car Stretch Limousine. Illuminaughty is about Light in all itís forms-Luminescent, Iridescent, Phosphorescent, Fluorescent and whatever sparkly vinyl seats might be. Covered in holographic silver foil and throbbing with 165' of 4 color led rope lights, this car has a luxurious black light interior. It also seems to serve as a crash pad on occasion.It began itís life as a stretch limousine out of California. Worked itís way East until it landed here in Houston. Saved from the scrap yard at the last minute thanks to Craigslist and unbearable amounts of peer pressure from the Art Car Community, oh and the fact that my wife was out of town for a few days. It was  sad and dull machine when I first found it. It had all the usual limousine accoutrements, bar, TV stand,  all of which have been removed.The inside is padded and everything GLOWS! The inspiration for the car is actually related to the artist's profession, one aspect of which is the analysis of various compounds using light.