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Deborah & Bill Elliott

About the Entry:

The circles of Birth & Death across the eons are emblazoned across the canvas of this Dodge Ram Charger. Our story begins with a violet Anomalocaris (scary water bug) careening across the fender to devour a  turquiose Euripterid (really nasty sea scorpion) rising out of the primordial ooze. Sea reptiles from another bygone era snarl at each other along one side of the Dodge while the tentacles of an enormous Ammonite entangle a Ceolocanth (really ancient fish) on the other side. A mighty Pterodactl perches on the roof, gazing over a primitive  Turtle sounding from the depths of the shallow Tethys sea.The back panel brings us full circle as a man in his greed consumes the earth. All of this now covered in stained glass.