Countdown to Parade Day:

Poe Art Car Art Car


Poe Elementary Students led by Jonna Hitchcock

About the Entry:

Poe Elementary School is an HISD Fine Arts Magnet School. In 2010, the theme for Poe's All Art Day celebration was the Art Car Movement. Students researched art cars, watched a documentary about art car artists, and then made their own miniature art cars out of toy cars, hot glue and a multitude of funky decorative items.  Under the direction of Jonna Hitchcock, Poe parents later glued over 3000 of these mini art cars onto her 1991 Nissan Altima to make the now legendary Poe Art Car Art Car.  This car is all about doing good for the community!   It still runs carpool regularly. It is more reliable than Jonna's BMW and often serves as a loaner car to friends while their cars are in the shop.  It is a familiar site in Montrose and brings joy wherever it drives.The PTO has raised more than 3 times the car's original value by auctioning off backseat rides in the parade. It also is used every year to help the Cub Scouts with their Scouting For Food drive by rallying the Poe community to Fill the Art Car with Food! This year they filled it plus several pickup trucks and donated over 2000 pounds of food to the food bank.