Countdown to Parade Day:

The Gold Digger


John Avanzini

About the Entry:

The Gold Digger, an 18th Century Spanish Galleon constructed on an 1986 Suburban Chassis took aprox. 8 months to build. While a site to see during day light hours, the Gold Digger takes on a whole new life when the lights go out. Decked out in 100's of feet of LED rope lights, EL wire stringing up the masts, interactive laser light machines, a fog machine, and kicking sound system this baby is a sight to see! It has made it's way across the country from Las Vegas, Black Rock City NV, Fort Worth TX, Sturgis SD, and Key West FL. It participates in Fantasy Fest & Parade of Lights yearly and has been featured on TV shows such as Pawn Stars, Sturgis Cops, and Full Throttle Saloon. The Gold Digger brings out the fun in everyone!