Countdown to Parade Day:

The Libery Van


Lynda Farley

About the Entry:

Liberty Van is a 2004 Nissan Quest. She began 'decorating' it in December, 2005, when it had only about 57,000 miles on it. It now (as of March 30, 2012) has 338,000+ miles on it.  It is also her dog show van, she raises Champion Afghan Hounds (, which is why the milage is so high.  It has traveled well over a quarter of a million miles as an art car, through all lower 48 states.  Liberty Van began as a 'political' statement, but has morphed over the past 6 years into a full blown art car. It is covered with many sparkly and shiny fabrics, including velvets, sequined and metalic lame's, satins, and more. There is quite a bit of jewelry, and lots of glitter. It also features an awesome collection of EAGLES, and other statuary, all over the roof, and everywhere else.  It also has wind chimes, and bells, and other stuff. Also, it now has a small (3'x5') trailer, with a gorgeous 350 lb brass eagle, which was so awesome she had to add it, but it is way to big (and heavy) to go ON the van.  The wingspan of this eagle is as wide as the van.