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The Motorized Living Room


Pepper Mouser

About the Entry:

Pepper doesn't call the Motorized Living Room an Art Car, it's a Burning Man car. It was built for the Burning Man Festival that takes place in a dry lake bed desert in Nevada every year. After seeing a motorized couch there in 1996, Pepper set out to build a motorized Lay-z-boy on a go-cart frame, but one thing let to another, and he was after all from Texas, so he ended up with the whole damn living room. It was first built on a 1983 Volvo station wagon. It was then on a 3/4 ton Dodge van frame for a while, but now is powered by a 2004 Crown Victoria former police cruiser, Rosenberg Police Department, Unit 47, with enough rear end damage to shear off the drivers seat. So it's got a cop motor, cop transmission, cop suspension, cop wheels, cop tiresÖ  you knowÖ like Elwoodís car in the Blues Brothers movie.It started out as a 12 x 20 platform, covered with zebra carpet, swanky sleezy furniture, a 300 watt car sound system, and a bar to serve frozen mint daiquiris and tequila jello shots.  Over the years, it grew to be a little over 14 feet wide, but now a mere 8 ft. 6 inches wide, on its way to being street legal. It has rolled with as many as 50 people, dancing to surf and lounge music - anything but techno - but currently is down to about a 25 person capacity. If you ride on the Motorized Living Room, the only rule is to hold on, cause as the Captain will remind you "if you fall off, it's your own damn fault!"