Countdown to Parade Day:

Art Car Parade - 1996 - ADCH car

Seen in the Only in Houston group on Facebook posted by Martin Miglioretti it is described as:

"‎1996 Art Car parade featuring the ADCH entry, and a wacky cast of characters - Jesus Felix, J. Michael Stovall, MissAnne Stovall, Martin Miglioretti, Richard Loper, Chip Dorland, Amanda Knepley, Carlos Hernandez, Chris Mayes. And of course, the Francis Ford Coppola of the ADCH Art Car: Michael Tucker!"

Text as posted by Michael Tucker on Vimeo. This video links back to his original video on the Vimeo site.

"Video of the 1996 Art Car parade in Houston Texas featuring the Art Directors Club of Houston entry.
Thanks to everyone that participated and donated, time, effort, space, beer and supplies in making this car a reality.
This was shot on a plastic 8mm handheld with a poor digital "conversion" & edit. 
Warning: do not watch if you get sea sick, dizzy, prone to fits, or generally annoyed by excessive motion."