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Knight Draggin'


This dragster owes its inspiration to a medieval knight and the dragon he's just conquered! The advanced spherical motor is styled like a dragon egg, the exhaust pipes are like the dragon's wings, and spikes on the tail serve as a rear spoiler. Your imagination can supply the fire breathing!

Pick up your very own Knight Draggin'TM at this year's Houston Art Car Parade Weekend events

Sneak Peek at Discovery Green
Kids Zone at Sam Houston Park
VIPit Experience  


Designed by Bryan Benedict, Design Director of Hot Wheels & Matchbox Die-Cast at Mattel, Inc.

Bryan Benedict grew up on a dairy farm in California's Central Valley where his passion for designing cars began at an early age. He realized that dream after graduating in 1994 from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. He spent 10 years in the car industry working with many different car companies, including Honda, Mercedez-Benz, Mitsubishi, Ford, GM, Chrysler, and many more. He even provided design services to a few Chinese car companies before making the jump to little cars. Benedict joined Mattel and the ultimate car design team at Hot WheelsTM in 2004. There, he has worked on everything from the brand's entertainment and innovation efforts to Hot WheelsTM basic cars and adult collector lines. Benedict was part of the Emmy-nominated and Gemini award-winning Hot WheelsTM animated series Battle Force 5 and has also been the design lead for the Monster Jam TM truck line. More recently, Bryan is focusing on licensed entertainment character cars for Hot WheelsTM, adding Marvel Universe and Star Wars characters to this ever-expanding world of popular characters reimagined as Hot Wheels TM cars - including the highly acclaimed full-size Darth Vader car. Other Hot Wheels designs include the Ford GTZ-1, Madfast TM dragster, El SuperfastoTM luchador car, Howlin' HeatTM wold car, Mad SplashTM drag boat (which is the first track performance boat ever created for Hot WheelsTM), and this year's Houston Art Car Parade Icon, Knight DragginTM.


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