THURSDAY, MAY 13, 2021


Bringing the parade to the People!

The Main Street Drag is the first official event of Houston Art Car Parade Weekend and famously one of the art car artists' favorite parts of all four days. Organized by the Houston Art Car Parade Volunteer Committee, the Main Street Drag is an opportunity for art car artists to travel to locations across Houston and visit with individuals that may not have the opportunity to attend the actual parade. Schools, nursing homes, developmental centers, hospitals, and other  similar institutions are stops along the five miniature parade routes.

For 2021, Main Street Drag is partnering with Texas Children's Hospital, the RISE School, and University of Houston Childcare Center. 

A mini-parade of Art Cars will be visiting these above locations and on Thursday, May 13th in advance of the Houston Art Car Experience!



In 1991, the Orange Show brought acclaimed art car artist David Best to Houston to collaborate on an art car with a University of Houston sculpture class. He and Houston artist Paul Kittelson staged an impromptu procession of art cars the day before the official parade around the city's 610 loop.

The pre-parade art car convoy was such a success that in 1992, the Orange Show formalized the pre-parade event as the Main Street Drag, a caravan from the Astrodome at the South end of Main St. to the North Main barrio. In 1993, with the involvement of the Texas Children's Hospital, the Drag began to include the Texas Medical Center. It has grown into 8 separate caravans, making organized stops at 32 schools, hospitals and community centers, seeing more than 30,000 people.