The Art Car / Art Bike Workshops are a series of educational outreach workshops for individuals interested in building art cars or art bikes. Experienced art car artists teach the introductory skills of art construction and design found in many art cars: welding, foam sculpting, and LED lighting. These workshops introduce participants to new skills but also encourage and provide the tools for the creation of new creative communities and a network within which students may find like minded individuals for future projects. Open to participants of all skill and experience levels. 


FEBRUARY 26 & 27, 2022

Session I:  

Intro to Art Car / Art Bike Construction Techniques

10am - 5:30PM

$75 Day Pass (includes all three classes)

$40 Individual Class

Session one comprises a series of three intensive classes communicating basic skills common to many Art Cars and Art Bikes.



10:00 - 12:30  Introduction to MIG Welding | Instructor: Julian Luna 

An introductory class on MIG welding resulting in the creation of a steel planter for each student to take home. The class begins with an introduction to tools and safety, followed by a demonstration of how to weld practice beads. The students are then split into pairs to each welder and monitored by the instructor and assistants for a guided work session demonstrating various essential clamping and welding techniques in the process. 


12: 30 - 3:00 Introduction to Foam | Instructor: Rebecca Bass 

An introduction to sculpting foam culminating in the creation of a finished foam sculpture for each student to take home. The class begins with an Introduction wherein students learn about tools and carving techniques, followed by guided work with the instructor demonstrating the step-by-step sculpting of a foam object. Each student is provided with foam and tools.  


3:00 - 5:30 Introduction to LEDs | Instructor: Matt Fries 

An introduction to basic soldering, wiring, and assembly techniques for the purpose of assembling a remote controlled RGB LED box for each student to take home. The class will begin with an introduction to the tools and best practices for soldering and wiring. The students then assemble, populate, and wire their LED Box in a guided work session. The workshop concludes with a demonstration of more complicated LED systems such as addressable LEDs controlled by a microcontroller to inspire and encourage future avenues of study.

MARCH 12, 2022

Session II:

Community Build & Guided Workday

11am - 4PM


Participants are encouraged to bring their art car and art bike projects in progress. Yes, you can drive or ride right on in! Bring your burning questions, unresolved problems, and whatever other roadblocks stalling your ambitious build. Instructors are available for advice and guidance, but participants are encouraged to discuss their projects amongst themselves to kindle ideas and foster creative community. $10 materials fee for entry.