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Submit Your Entry into the
2023 Orange Show Art Car Parade

Do you have an absolutely kick ass piece of mobile art that you'd like to enter into the 36th Annual Orange Show Art Car Parade Weekend? 


Applications are due by February 15, 2023.

- Individual Artist & School/Youth Group Application Fee: $40

- Non-Profit Application Fee: $500-$1,500 (pending organization annual budget)

- Corporate Application Fees start at $5,000


We don't have a lot of restrictions when it comes to entering into the Orange Show Art Car Parade, but it's important that you read through our rules and regulations for entering before proceeding.

  • The Orange Show Art Car Parade Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry, including up until the start of the event.

  • All entries must be suitable for family viewing.

  • All entries must be decorated, embellished, augmented, or otherwise decked out!

  • All motorized vehicles must have a fire extinguisher in the vehicle (at least 10BC)

  • All entries must work. Please be sure your entry is in good working condition, has enough gas, fluids, etc.

  • All events are rain or shine, please plan accordingly.

  • Entries cannot be taller than 13'.

  • If your entry is not street legal, you can tow it / bring it on a trailer and there will be a place at the parade to leave support cars and trailers.

  • If there is fire/pyrotechnics involved, you must get prior approval from the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art to use them at any time before, during, or after the parade or any Orange Show Art Car Parade Weekend sanctioned events.

  • Your vehicle needs to be able to sit in the sun and idle for a few hours as the parade is slow moving and relatively long.

  • If you are a commercial entry (promoting a business) there is a different fee structure. Please contact .

  • All wheels must have rubber. No metal shall make contact with the street.

  • It is illegal to throw or launch ANYTHING from your entry.

  • Proper vehicle registration and insurance is the responsibility of the owner.

  • Only licensed drivers are allowed to operate motorized vehicles during judging, staging, and parade.

  • Any individual standing on top of a vehicle during judging, staging, and/or parade must be secured with safety harness or support bar.

  • Please go and "like" our Facebook page, share it with your friends, and keep in touch with us!

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